Pick - choose your own path

Do you prefer to be in the driving seat? Join us in pick! You can pick your own symbols and be in control. Choose between our two pick themes Aztec and Spellbound with games from just 5p. Pick 5 of the 15 symbols on your screen and try your luck for the £500 top prize! All you need to do is reveal 5 golden coins in Aztec or 5 spooky eyes in our Spellbound theme.

How to play pick

After choosing your theme, you’ll see all the symbols involved in the game on your screen. Choose your stake by using the – and + buttons to adjust your stake and you’re ready to go. The symbols will mix up on the screen and be covered. Then it’s all up to you! Choose your 5 symbols and cross your fingers. The symbols you need and how many you need will appear at the top of your game.

All of our tombola arcade games are made in-house and are exclusive to us, so this is the only place you can play them. When you join a game, you will be allocated a chat room, either Clover, Horseshoe, Wishbone or Shooting Star, where hundreds of players, and our Chat Moderators are waiting for a good natter and a laugh.

I was casually playing pick, just picking random numbers, having no hope not expecting to win when all of a sudden my account balance went to £200! It’s most certainly come at the right time, it’s going on a flight ticket to Rome. Thank you so much tombola I can’t stop smiling! – amyrose555

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