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Play scratch from tombola arcade

Itching to have some fun? Then scratch away the 9 panels to reveal the hidden symbols - match 3 to win! Choose from jungle, space and pirate themes.

scratch winner 1

I was on scratch all morning thinking ok it’s coming up to Christmas I have 5 children, this is going to get expensive. I brought a £1 scratch looked at the TV turned around and there it was £500 on my screen. I screamed I was so happy and hopefully the kids will feel the same Christmas Day - thank you tombola.

scratch winner 2

I am still in shock couldn't sleep so went on tombola arcade playing scratch at crazy times in the morning, playing away, went to hit the buy ticket button half asleep then up comes the win £250! Gorillas had only shown their face, I get excited if giraffes come up never mind gorillas!

scratch winner 3

Thought I would play a few games on scratch Tombola arcade, kept drifting off as I was so tired but opened my eyes to see £500 won I thought I was dreaming, going to spend that on extra Christmas presents, thank you.

scratch winner 4

I was delighted with my win in Scratch!  Came at the right time, me and my new wife are currently saving to buy our 1st home.  This win will help us along the road!

'Hi tombola, just to say that having 2 top prizes with 2 weeks of each other has been fantastic. Off on my first holiday abroad in 26 years so this was well timed, I was very surprised to get the top prizes' - Spursgirlie