scratch - match and win

scratch your way to a top prize from just 5p in one of tombola arcade’s original games! Scratch has three themes – Treasure, Space and Jungle. Like all tombola arcade games, there are four chat rooms that you’ll randomly be placed into with hundreds of players, and of course, our 24/7 chat moderators.


How to play scratch

All you have to do to win in scratch is to match three of the same symbol. Easy peasy. Scratch all nine of the panels by clicking on the symbols or hold down ‘scratch all’ to reveal what’s underneath. For a little something extra, match 3 of the bonus symbols to pass on to the bonus round. 

scratch bonus symbols

These are the bonus symbols you're looking for, the cannon for Treasure, the gun for Space and the tiger for Jungle. Once you're in the bonus round you will get four panels, match any of them to the symbols along the bottom of the screen to win extra prizes!

I won £250 in scratch. It’s my first big win in ages. I'm taking my two daughter shopping for new clothes. Thanks tombola, I'm really enjoying playing scratch - Scratchqueen720 uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy