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Flip the counters and connect the rows, with a chance to multiply your winnings in the bonus round and win Top Prizes of up to £500.

flip winner 1

Thank you so much tombola, I couldn’t believe it when I pressed flip and flipped 4 sundaes!

Still can’t believe it, never thought I’d ever win so much on flip thank you so very much , it does happen arcaders goodluck everyone!

flip winner 2

This £500 win was on my second last £1 spin on flip I had to look twice.

Thanks so much as it could have not happened at a better time! Definitely recommended to friends and family.

flip winner 3

Thank you so so much tombola for my win on flip. I was so pleased to have three packets of crisps, and then following game I had four.

You could have hit me over with feather! I was in total shock.

flip winner 4

Thank you so much tombola for my big win in Flip!

Me & my husband were having a lazy day and thought I'd pop on tombola whilst he was playing the dreaded Xbox!

We are expecting our first baby together so this win will help with buying things for our new squishy!

'I couldn't believe my eyes as I turned to my phone and saw 5 sundaes and 500 pounds on the screen will be spending on a trip to the hairdressers and some well needed treats as haven't treated myself since having my baby. Thank you tombola!' - katielouxx