Chat Rules

We hope you enjoy chatting and playing online at tombola arcade. We have over 100 chat moderators who will ensure everyone’s online gaming experience is fun, enjoyable and safe.

When joining tombola, players agree to the online chat rules, these rules form part of the terms and conditions. Chat Moderators have the ability to remove players if they break the rules. This can come in the form of a Time Out that lasts for 15 minutes, or as a Chat Ban, which lasts 72 hours.

The rules are simple:

 - Please respect everyone in the chat rooms and remain polite and friendly at all times

 - Keep it clean so no indecent, foul language or masking of words that could be deemed indecent

 - Choose a nickname in good taste or we will ask you to change it.

 - Keep your identity secret. Do not give out your personal details for security reasons.

 - Players should not harass, slander, abuse, threaten or make derogatory comments towards the CMs or other players

 - Players should not promote other websites or companies in the chat room

 - Chat concerning any illegal activities such as hacking, stalking, gang activities, drug use are forbidden

 - Racism discriminatory or inflammatory behaviour will not be tolerated.

 - Sexual chat should not be used as it could cause offence to others

 - Don't use capital letters in our online Chat - it is seen as shouting

 - No children - this site is for over 18s only

 - Players who abuse the use of chat as a way of encouraging other players to add them as a playmate or distribute free fiver codes, can have their chat facility removed.

 - Please remember the CM’s are working hard to ensure everyone follows the rules and has fun.

 - Please be respectful at all times and remember they too have rules to follow and will always try their best to ensure everyone’s experience is a positive one. By following the rules we set out for the CM’s, we ask players to respect that the CM’s decision is final. If you have experienced something you are unhappy with, please contact our Customer Services Team who will be happy to assist you.

 - Most importantly we want the chat rooms to be a positive and fun place for all players. We know from time to time some players would like to win more often, but we ask all players to refrain from putting negative comments into chat - this can be complaining about same winners on the site, not winning and general complaining about the site and the games. It spoils the fun and the chat for other players. Please contact customer services they will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Any player who continuously post negative comments about the site, games or players, or breaks the chat room rules, will be removed from chat by the CM for 15 minutes time out or a Chat Ban which is minimum of 72 hours.

Thankfully rule breaking is rare, we pride ourselves on having a friendly chat community

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