About Us

Who are we?

Who are we? WHO ARE WE? Oh, erm, we're tombola arcade, we've been around since July 2016 and we're the little brother of tombola bingo who came bouncing into the online bingo world in 2006.

That might not seem all that long ago but we're a family run company and we've been printing bingo tickets since your granny was an ankle biter... Maybe even longer than that!

Even back in the olden days before we all had mobile phone, tablets and thought that by the year 2000 we'd all drive around in hover crafts we still had the same core values; we wanted to build a company that was community focused. We're still striving to do this and you guys are at it's heart.

What is tombola arcade?

Here at tombola we thought "what would arcade games look like if we did them?" Well they would be totally different and would be about fun and playing responsibly, so you would be able to play from as little as 5p up to a maximum of £2. It would be all about how you wanted to play. It would have live chat and there would be unique new games that only we had. And we would call it... tombola arcade.


We're a passionate bunch and want you to have as much fun as we do. We build everything at tombola HQ so that we can focus on doing what is right for our community of players. That's why a lot of our games are unique to us and we try our very best to be trustworthy and honest. We don't want you to spend too much money, we want you to have fun whilst responsibly gambling. That's why as well as our games we have our chat rooms where you can just pop on and meet other 'Bingoites' and 'Arcadians' and have a bit of a natter with them and our Chat Moderators.


Tombola towers is based in (not so sunny) Sunderland and the majority of our Chat Moderators are dotted around the North East too.
So, what are our plans for the future? We'd like to take over the worrrrld... OK, well, the arcade world! We want to be the best at what we do while remaining true to what we believe, bring you even more games and have fun while we're doing it! Easy huh?

Contact us

If you have any other questions whether it be about bingo or arcade, our games or want to make some suggestions or just want to ask us our favourite colour we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch via email, live chat, phone or over on social media.