Spin – slots, the tombola way to play

Have you ever wondered what slots would look like with the tombola touch? Well, look no further! In the glorious summer of 2016 spin was born with two themes called Classic and Egyptian. We didn’t want to stop there and so we welcomed an additional two new themes called; The Deep and Sacred Stone. This year, we launched Gold Rush to the mix and it’s going down a treat. Gold Rush is our first cascading slot game, this means that as wins are created in the game reels, those winning symbols blow up, allowing the reels to cascade down and more symbols take their place.

What’s so great about spin and what makes it different to any other slot game? Well, like all of our arcade games, you can play any slot game from 5p to a maximum of £1. Prizes up to £500 can be won too. The fun doesn’t end there, there’s bonus rounds as well!

How to play spin

- First of all, pick the theme you want to play in, you have nine to choose from.

- You can adjust your stake from 5p to £1. Once you’re happy with your stake choice, press the ‘buy’ button. The game will start, and the reels will spin. Your win will depend on the stake amount and win lines.

- Bonus round – yes, now we’re talking. Each of the five themes have their own unique bonus round and you can read more about this below. To get in the bonus round, you need three of the bonus symbols on the correct win lines. Keep an eye out for those wildcards! They can show up randomly in the game to give you that extra boost and extra prizes.

- In Gold Rush, collect three golden nuggets and you’ll be carted off to the bonus round. Click the boulders to explode them and clear your path. Collect more carts on your way with prize values in it and the ones that make it with you to the end of the track is yours.

"Well, what can I say?! I was shocked when it flashed up on bubble that I had won £500 but to then win another £500 on spin just a few hours later, I was shocked! Thank you tombola" - workfromhomemumma

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