bubble - colourful popping fun

Pop your way to a Top Prize from just 5p in our colourful arcade game bubble! There's three incredible themes to choose from - our original bubble game, bubble lab, and bubble pop. 

How to play bubble

Select bubble from the homepage and choose your theme. Once in the game, press the + and - buttons to select your stake from a choice of 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, or £2. Click buy to confirm your purchase. 

In our original bubble theme, the aim of the game is to fill a coloured bar to win a prize. Prizes range from winning your stake back for collecting four pink bubbles, to winning a Top Prize of 500 x your stake for collecting nine red bubbles.

In our pop theme, it's all about connecting 5 or more of the same coloured bubbles in a cluster to win a prize. Connect 9 or more red bubbles horizontally or vertically to win a Top Prize of up to £1,000. 

For something a little different, pop on your safety goggles and head on over to the lab. Fill up any of your coloured beakers to win a prize, but keep your eyes peeled for the sneaky golden plasma which automatically fills up one of your beakers to give an instant win. 

In all three of our themes, you can either pop each bubble manually, or sit back, relax and watch your bubbles pop automatically by holding down the red button.