bubble - colourful popping fun

Pop your way to a top prize in our colourful popping game, bubble from just 5p! Choose between our two bubble themes, our original game bubble and our newest bubble theme: bubble lab with an exciting new twist… a bonus prize!

How to play bubble

Once you’ve chosen your theme, simply select your stake, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p or £1, and when your bubbles start to escape, scoot around the page to pop them all and send them into their coloured bar around the screen to be counted. If you want a more chilled approach, you can hold the ‘buy’ button at the bottom of the page to pop them all at once. Popping 9 red bubbles will win you the top prize for your stake!

Or you could put on your safety goggles and head over to the lab, where there’s a sneaky golden plasma waiting, ready to jump into your beaker, filling it to the brim and winning you that prize. Your beaker will shake and explode when you win it. There are 12 plasma bubbles in each game, all you need is 5 red ones to win the top prize!

I couldn’t believe my luck when I won the £500 red bubble, not only did I win on my birthday but we are going on holiday in a few weeks and this will definitely come in handy for a bit of extra spending money. Thanks tombola x – chazjones1988

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