Drop in to a whole new style of game

At tombola arcade we're all about innovation and we love to find a new style of game to introduce you to. We've added these exciting games into the mix; drop and stack are instant win games with a twist.

Drop - remove the shapes to drop prizes into place

Give our exciting game drop a go. Floating in the sky is our game drop, a unique take on an instant win game, where the aim is to clear all the shapes in one column to win a prize. The game shapes are squidgy little squares, some of them float solo, some of them are joined to each other and take up two rows. Once you've bought in the game you'll see the shapes called and you click on them and they'll disappear, getting the prizes in that row one step closer to the bottom.

How to play Drop

Once you’ve selected the drop category from the game lobby and you’ve been placed into one of our Chat Rooms, you’re ready to get started. Simply choose your stake by adjusting the price with the – and + buttons on the screen. The stakes for Drop are: 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2. Once you’re happy with the amount click ‘buy’ and the game will begin. You'll see a grid filled with our squidgy squares, of all different colours and sizes. Along the top are prize values, and to the left is where your shapes are revealed. You'll see a selection of shapes appear and if you have those in your grid just click on them to make them disappear. As the shapes clear you'll see the prize values start to drop down. You need to get the yellow prize value bar all the way down to the bottom to win that prize. Remember you can only click on the shape if its the right shape and colour as the one displayed on the left.

Stack – build the boxes to reach for prizes

Our explosive addition to drop is here! Have you ever wanted colourful boxes delivered to you by drones? Then give Stack a try. Stack 7 coloured boxes to the very top to win a prize. The coloured boxes are flown in by drones and dropped before you into the right sections, but beware! They don’t just bring you coloured boxes, they bring bombs too.

How to play Stack

Once you select the drop category from the homepage, and have clicked on ‘Stack’, you’ll be automatically placed into one of our four Chat Rooms: Clover, Horseshoe, Wishbone or Shooting Star. You can choose your stake by adjusting the price using the – and + buttons. The stakes for Stack are: 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2. Once you’re comfortable with your stake, click ‘buy’ and the game will begin. You can click ‘drop’ to release your first crate, or, hold the drop button for two seconds to release the crates one after another.

Drones will deliver your crates to you and release your coloured blocks. Stack 7 of the same coloured blocks to win the Top Prize for that colour. Watch out! The drones also drop bombs on your stacks. Each stack hit by a bomb will decrease, taking you further away from the top.