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Glow with the flow and join us in the enchanted forest, or float away under the sea with our colourful jellyfish. Match the coloured symbols to win up to £500. So what are you waiting for? Glow for it!

glow winner 1

I had been hoping for a big win for a while on tombola and I thought I would try glow the new game! And then I got the £500 I felt amazing a nice Christmas present thank you.

glow winner 2

Absolutely made up with my win with glow never thought it would happen love tombola arcade such a great game now to enjoy my spends in Lanzarote.

glow winner 3

So over the moon, got two top prize wins of £500 on glow! Thank you so much going to spoil my 3 kids and my partner.

glow winner 4

Couldn’t sleep so thought I would play glow. Imagine my shock when 3 light blue flowers appeared, couldn’t believe my eyes. First ever top prize, thank you so much.

'Just a quick note of thanks for my top prize on glow. I was just saying goodbye to a friend at the front door and I looked down at my mobile and there was a big star saying BIG WIN. 

I could not believe it!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!' - Nannygogo