Great cards games

Want to know what the deal is with cards? Shuffle around your game play with our four card-themed games -  Suits, Cinco arcade, Devils, and Jesters.  

Suits - which hand will you be dealt?

Try your hand at our card game! Reveal winning hands in our poker inspired card game. Fear not, because unlike real poker, no previous knowledge is required. You can sit back, relax, and let the cards fall where they may. That’s not all, play your cards right and you could shoot off to meet the dealer for your chance at extra prizes! Once you’ve selected the cards, you’ll be automatically placed into one of our six tombola arcade Chat Rooms: Clover, Horseshoe, Ladybird, Shooting Star, Wishing Well, Wishbone or Shooting Star where there is always someone around for a good ol’ natter. Stakes for our card game start from 5p with prizes reaching up to £1,000.

How to play Suits

Once you’ve selected the cards from the game lobby and you’ve been placed into one of our Chat Rooms, you’re ready to get started. Simply choose your stake by adjusting the price with the – and + buttons on the screen. The stakes for cards are: 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2. Once you’re happy with the amount click ‘buy’ and the game will begin. The reels will spin giving you three cards on the reel and two more cards, one on the left and one on the right to make one line.

Your win will depend on the hand you have. See the list on the right for the winning hands. To enter the bonus round you need a Flush. The Flush hand is the first on the list. However, that’s not the only lucky hand in the game! You can trigger a second chance to enter the bonus round if you are dealt cards with a matching suit or if you’re dealt four cards of the same suit. 

For the Top Prize you need the Royal Flush. Your prize will depend on your stake. Top Prizes range from:

- 5p – £25

- 10p - £50

- 20p - £100

- 50p - £250

- £1 - £500

- £2 - £1,000

Once you’re sent off to the bonus round, it’s one on one with the dealer. To win within the bonus game simply choose a card higher than that of the dealer. There are five rounds within the bonus round so reach for the stars and remember, aces count as high cards in the bonus round.

Cinco arcade - match to win

Cinco arcade

Reveal matching cards to win prizes with our ace game, Cinco arcade. it’s slightly different from the Cinco you’re used to on our sister site, tombola bingo. With Cinco arcade, you have five chances to win, with prizes ranging from 5p, to a Top Prize of £1,000.

How to play Cinco arcade

Once you have signed into the site, you will land on the homepage. Click the cards tab at the top of the screen, and then choose the coloured chips to be placed in the game. You will automatically be assigned one of the six tombola arcade Chat Rooms: Clover, Horseshoe, Ladybird, Shooting Star, Wishing Well, Wishbone or Shooting Star

Your stake will automatically be set to the lowest stake possible, which is 5p. You can adjust your stake by pressing the – or + buttons on the bottom of your window. With our new Safeplay tool Stake Limits, you can set the maximum amount you’d like to spend per game and lock it in place. Once you’re happy with the amount, click ‘buy’ and the game will begin. You will be given fifteen cards spread out on the five sections. Each section has its own call amount and will be listed on your board. Click ‘reveal all’ and the dealer will deal 7 cards. Every time a card matches what’s on your board, a chip will be placed over it. Match 5 of your cards on the top of your board and you could win x500 your stake.

Devils - match 3 cards to win and avoid the devils


Devils is a totally unique instant win card game. The aim of the game is to collect sets of three cards before you reveal three devil cards.

How to play Devils

Launch the cards category and within the game lobby and select Devils. Choose your stake from 5p to £2 and select ‘buy’ to play. Once you've bought in the table is set and you'll get your cards. To begin just click the card on the bottom left to reveal your first card, this card will then move to the appropriate collector, so if the first card is a queen it will move the queen pile. Your next move is to click the pile of cards under the collector. Each time you collect a devil card click the next available card from the bottom row.

You are trying to collect three cards of the same value to win the prize displayed above that collector. It is possible to win more than one prize in a single game. If you turn over three devils before you match three of the same card then the game is over. 

If you lose your place while playing the card that needs revealing next will glow.

If you are unlucky enough to only collect three devils you win a consolation prize of 15x your stake

Jesters - cards with a twist

Jesters tombola arcade

Our brand new game Jesters is similar to our other card games, but with a few exciting twists along the way! Match four of the honour cards – that’s 10s, Jokers, Queens, Kings, or Aces, to win prizes ranging from £1 up to £1,000, and don’t forget to look out for the incredible bonus round too.

How to play Jesters

After selecting the cards category from the game lobby, click the Jesters icon. You will then enter the game and be placed in one of our six Chat Rooms so you can enjoy a natter while you play. If you wish to change Chat Rooms at any time, just click the icon next to the chat box.  

Like in all our tombola arcade games, you can select your stake from a choice of 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2. Once you’re happy with the amount you wish to stake, confirm your purchase by clicking ‘buy’.

You will then be dealt 12 cards and the aim of the game is to fill one of the five columns to win a prize. If you are awarded a Jester card at any time, you will receive an extra go. The prize breakdown on Jesters is as follows:

  • 4 x Ace cards to win a Top Prize of 500 x your stake
  • 4 x King cards to win 50 x your stake
  • 4 x Queen cards to win 10 x your stake
  • 4 x Joker cards to win 5 x your stake
  • 4 x 10 cards to win your stake back.

Fill any horizontal row to get a flush and enter our exciting bonus round where you will get 5 free spins. Match 3 symbols on a win line to win a prize in our bonus round. The Jester symbol acts as a wild in the bonus round and can substitute any other symbol to form a win line.

"I still can't believe I won on cards last night! I didn't even realise I won so much I thought it was just a bonus round. I am buzzing! I go on holiday in September." - Sambes1990