Referring a friend

Friends can be invited to join tombola with the incentive of a FREE £5 bonus for them and the referrer will receive £20 bonus and on going rewards once they deposit £20 and spend £20 real money.

If the referee was invited by email, clicks the link and registers with tombola, then your details will automatically be registered as their playmate. If they do not use the email link then any other method of registration requires them to correctly enter a free £5 code or referrer’s user name in order for the referrer to qualify for any playmates bonus, this must be done within 7 days of activating the account. After this time, a playmate cannot be added.

  1. The term playmate refers to the person who invited you to tombola so they get the initial £20 bonus and on going rewards as a thank you for referring people to the site
  2. Only one playmate can be named as this is the person that referred you to tombola and if you win, they will win a playmates bonus.
  3. Referee must deposit £20 and spend £20 real money before ANY Playmates bonuses are paid out to the referrer (initial £20 or on-going playmates rewards).
  4. On going rewards are earned from each eligible player that named you as a playmate:
    • Every time they win £20 or more on any prize, you win a £2 playmates bonus
    • If they win a £50+ jackpot you win a £10 playmates bonus
    • If they win a £100+ jackpot you win a £20 playmates bonus
    • If they win a £500+ jackpot you win a £50 playmates bonus
  5. Playmate bonuses are awarded when over £20 is won per ticket purchased.
  6. £20 bonus and on going rewards are only awarded if £5 code or referrer’s username is entered within 7 days of the new player registering an account.
  7. If a player names a playmate using the referrer’s username rather than the free £5 code, the referrer will receive the £20 bonus and on going rewards once the referee deposits and spends £20 but the new player will NOT receive the free £5 bonus.
  8. If you are an existing player, you can name your playmate within 7 days of registering your account, after this time you will not be able to add a playmate.
  9. You will only be awarded the £20 playmates referral bonus and on going rewards if the person who made you their playmate was a new player, deposited and spent £20 (not bonus money) and you were named as their playmate within 7 days of registering.
  10. You cannot change your playmate, even if they have stopped playing on tombola, so choose carefully. If you have registered within 7 days and noticed that your playmate is incorrect; If this is an obvious typing error e.g. spelling error, extra digit added, then you can amend it by contacting the Customer Services team.
  11. The playmates page shows who invited you to the site if applicable and also the username of those that redeemed your free £5s and those who have gone on to deposit and spend £20 real to earn you rewards.
  12. An email alert is sent when a playmates bonus is awarded showing who earned the bonus and the amount. You can choose to receive these as a weekly summary or whenever a prize is won. To opt out of receiving playmates alerts, go to My Account – Contact Preferences and changing your email preferences to none.
  13. If you have been awarded a playmates bonus when you are in a game then you will see the letters P and M flash next to your balance. Click on this to see who won to give you your playmates bonus.
  14. You can be named the playmate for an unlimited number of people and if any of them win, you will win a playmates bonus.
  15. As with all bonus money, playmates bonus money cannot be withdrawn and cannot be used to play Hamster Race or tombola roulette (note, if you withdraw all your funds, then you'll lose your bonus money).
  16. No bonus money will be awarded as a result of prizes won on any free game.
  17. Players who abuse the use of chat as a way of encouraging or harassing other players to add them as a playmate can have their chat facility removed.

Playmates free £5 gift cards:

  • Five free £5 codes are accessible once a tombola player has deposited £20 and spent £20 real money
  • Non-depositing players will not receive the codes but can refer people using their username to receive the £20 bonus and on going rewards. Referees WILL NOT receive a free £5 in this case
  • Players must use their £5 free code within 7 days of registering an account; a playmate cannot be named after 7 days.
  • Only five free £5 cards are available to share at one time. If a code is used then the card will not be available to share as that code has been redeemed. Once the redeemer deposits £20 and spends £20 real money, the referrer will receive a new code to send to others as a reward.
  • If all free £5 codes are redeemed, you can invite more people asking them to put your username in the box instead of the code. You will still receive the £20 bonus and on going reward of they deposit £20 and spend £20 real money but they will NOT receive the free £5.
  • Codes can only be used once.
  • New players do not have to enter debit/credit card details or make a deposit to claim a £5 FREE, simply enter a relevant code when asked
  • Any player attempting to enter a code incorrectly more than three times in one day will be blocked from re-attempting until the next day.
  • If you registered using a promotional free £5 leaflet, you will not be eligible to redeem the £5 playmates bonus

New players

How to claim the free fiver:

tombola can choose to cease or change or withdraw this offer at anytime.