Go - match and win

go is one of our exciting low-stake games starting at just 5p! tombola arcade’s unique tile matching game has top prizes for every stake, and a bonus game in play! You get 6 chances to make your way around the board and land on three dragons for the highest prize go has to offer.

How to play go

Once you’re in the game, use the – and + buttons to adjust your stake. After you’ve chosen your stake, click ‘buy’ and the game will start. You get 6 moves in the game to move about the board, landing on 3 dragons on a £1 stake will win you the highest prize on the game, £500! However, land on three bonus symbols and you’ll join the bonus round for a chance to win more prizes! If you land on the extra go tile, you can increase your odds of a higher prize. The trophy on the bottom right of your screen will show you which tiles you need and what prizes they will award you.

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